Escort girl in Berlin
07 Feb 2021

I feel grateful that you’re here. I am a tantric yogi whom loves to live sensually, enjoying all of life’s pleasures. I believe it is our birthright to have everything we have ever desired. Let us explore desires and life’s pleasures together.

As an escort in Berlin, I enjoy being outdoors by the water with my skin soaked in sun rays, my feet cooled by the rocks or grass; Dancing is my happy place, surrendering my body to the sounds; Relaxing with a good book and warm cup of coffee is a pleasure of mine; Traveling gives me the freedom my heart desires, I have yet to be taken to my dream destinations.

Hiking in the woods with sweat and dirt upon my skin gives me the best feeling; I live my life alcohol and drug free, however I am comfortable being in an atmosphere with alcohol, so let’s have a drink; Meditating and body movement daily gives me the peace I forever long for.

Champagne over a nice dinner, meaningful conversations, reading & writing, petting every dog I see, Making people smile etc. But the only true way to explore my innermost thoughts and loving nature, is intertwined in our own world together.​